Migraine Doctor in Kandivali

Migraine Doctor in Kandivali

If you are suffering from headaches on a regular basis, then you need to see a Migraine Doctor in Kandivali immediately. We, at WINS Hospital, offer a reliable & affordable treatment to our patients who are suffering from migraine attacks or another form of chronic headaches.

But it is very important to recognize the symptoms of a migraine. When a migraine occurs, approximately 15 to 20 percent of people experience a bunch of neurological symptoms such as blind spots, strange smells or tastes, seeing visions of flashing lights or crossing lines, feelings of numbness or “pins and needles” and so on.

Our Migraine Doctor in Kandivali has completed additional training in treating headaches to meet the specific expectations of our clients with an ease. We are committed to serving our patients with cured & healthy life.

Answer the following questions about your attacks, when you see a migraine doctor:
  • • Are taking any medications?
  • • How often do migraines occur?
  • • Did anything about your routine change before the migraine pain began?
  • • Have you suffered from any head injuries? If so, when?
  • • Have any migraine triggers or migraine causes have been identified? And a lot

Our team of Migraine Doctor in Kandivali at our center understands your feelings and delivers your expectations on the first visit. So don't get late, if you are suffering from migraine pain, contact us now. We will aid you with proper analysis.