Vertigo Doctor in Kandivali

Vertigo Doctor in Kandivali

The term vertigo comes from the Latin verb known as “to turn”, which is described as a false sensation that an individual or their surroundings are moving or spinning. It is often occur due to an inner ear problem. Research study says that every year more than 2 million people visit a doctor for this problem.

In one sentence it is defined not just to illusions of motions but irregular & chronic sensation of balance loss. The Vertigo Doctor in Kandivali at WINS Hospital is experienced & skilled work together with their team closely so as to diagnose & treat vertigo.

Symptoms of Vertigo:
  • • Difficulty walking, called as ataxic gait
  • • Abnormal or involuntary eye movements
  • • Feeling faint
  • • Blurred vision
  • • Difficulty speaking or slurred speech

The specialized team of our Vertigo Doctor in Kandivali will develop specific exercises to aid patients with gaze stabilization, balance training & habituation depending on the detailed vestibular shortage and people's desires recognized in the assessment.

What are common causes of vertigo?
  • • A recent injury, blow or trauma to your back
  • • Persistent backache which doesn’t go away with rest
  • • Difficulty performing daily tasks
  • • Weight loss, fever, swelling of the back
  • • Pain radiating to the legs/below the knee
What are common causes of vertigo?

There are several causes of vertigo, but it is commonly caused by cold viruses, head trauma or Meniere’s disease, which are considered the most common causes.

The professional team of Vertigo Doctor in Kandivali engaged in offering extremely sophisticated diagnostic tests with the latest treatment methods & medication. Our doctors always assist you with right treatment so as to achieve the best possible results. This is the why we are constantly gaining a strong reputation in the market.