Neurologist in Borivali

Neurologist in Borivali

At WINS Hospital Neurology, we feel honor in serving our patients with personalized & comprehensive medical care services at cost-effective prices. Our expert Neurologist in Borivali is highly qualified & trained and qualified enough in order to deliver world-class integrated medical care to patients in a friendly & comfortable environment. This is the reason that we are known as one of the nation's topmost neurologic research & training center.

Our main motto is to offer the highest quality diagnostic testing services available for our patients & referring physicians. Thus, in order to achieve maximum patient's satisfaction, our qualified team of Neurologist in Borivali fully concentrated in offering proper attention & compassionate care to them.

Some symptoms are listed below that shows an individual need to take help from neurologist:
  • • Have two or more headaches in a week.
  • • Have chronic headaches or a new type of a headache.
  • • Your headaches are getting worse, not better, with time and treatment.
  • • A sudden & severe headache accompanied by a stiff neck or fever.
  • • Your headache is accompanied by weakness or loss of control of part of your body, speech, or vision.
  • • Your headaches are not responding to suggested OTC treatment or prescription drugs.

The neurology specialists at our center supported by the latest & advanced medical technology including life-saving equipment to practiced management of neurological illnesses. We assure to follow innovative & better diagnostic treatment methods in order to meet the specific needs of neurological patients.

Getting qualified Neurologist in Borivali can relieve patients from complex neurological disorders. So, contact us today, in order to get reliable services of neurologists.