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"Excellence is not an accident but a product of possessing a vision & working relentlessly to realise it."

In my two decades of practice I have realised that there is tremendous need gap in the care of patients suffering from Neurological/Neurosurgical disorders, who have their unique set of problems & no hospital catering to all their requirements. It was my dream to set up a dedicated hospital for such patients & now I am proud to announce that it’s been more than 3 years since the full fledged operationalisation of the first comprehensive & one of its kind dedicated NEUROSCIENCE Hospital in Mumbai, the WINS (Westcoast Institute of Neurosciences) Hospital, this hospital aims towards providing all facilities for such patients under one roof during this last 3 years we’ve treated more than thousands patients from various neurological disorders on indoor basis and performed hundreds of complex neuro surgeries with an excellent results, besides seen more than thousands patients on OPD basis per month.

Our hospital is very conveniently located on the link road near Mahavir Nagar signal & its soothing ambience & friendly staff along with the medical logistics provides a healing touch which is unique & wholesome experience for our patients.