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If you or your loved one is facing problems related to the brain, spinal cord or nervous system, it requires a neurologist’s treatment & management who concentrates on treating neurological disorders.

Main neurological disorders are stroke (paralysis ) epilepsy (fits,seizures), dementia (Alzheimers disease) Parkinson disease, headache, Vertigo, Nerve and muscle problems, Spinal cord disorders, Spondylosis etc. These disorders require perfectdiagnosis and appropriate treatment the chances of which increased manifold if an experienced Neurologist is treating you.

WINS hospital is known as the epitome of clinical excellence where we endeavour to provide best in class neurological treatment to our patients at affordable prices. For this, we have a compassionate & highly qualified Neurologist who are committed to serving their patients with cured & healthy life. Though if a patients' needs surgery, they refer them to a neurosurgeon because neurologists do not perform surgery. However, after combining their medical expertise & knowledge with the cutting edge technology, we are able to deliver a multidisciplinary & complete care for these disorders of the brain and spine. Owing to our affordable services and high doctor & nurse-patient ratios, we have successfully achieved utmost patient satisfaction.

The Centre is equipped with advanced & most sophisticated technology helps to support in diagnosis & management. Patient's satisfaction is our first priority that is why we always strive to deliver the best quality of therapy, the range of procedural & treatment options & skilled manpower to perform any medical procedure.