Migraine Doctor in Kandivali

Migraine Doctor in Kandivali

Stroke is a condition, which causes damage to the brain due to the interruption in the blood supply. It is considered to be a medical emergency, that is the reason why the Stroke Doctor In Kandivali is providing the stroke patients with authentic care. The doctor diagnoses the overall condition of the patients and then provides them with the right treatment accordingly.

Whenever someone suffers from a stroke, they should be moved quickly to the hospital, because time plays a crucial role. The Stroke Doctor In Borivali, which is associated with us has years of experience, and always makes sure that the patient is in a comfortable state after getting stable from the stroke.

Symptoms Of Stroke

  • Trouble Speaking
  • Paralysis or Numbness On Face
  • Problems with the Vision
  • Headache
  • Trouble while walking

There is one trick to check if the person is having a stroke or not. Firstly; ask a person to smile, raise both arms, tell them to speak a phrase repeatedly. If an individual is facing difficulty in doing all the above-mentioned things, then you should immediately rush to the doctor. Book an appointment with the Stroke Doctor In Malad, and get the right medical care as per the need of an hour.